About us

Alergovita is a private pediatric clinic, specialised in respiratory medicine, allergology and clinical immunology.

Our doctors are pediatric and ear, nose and throat specialists, as well as subspecialists in pediatric pulmonology, allergology and clinical immunology. After many years of clinical practice and scientific activity, they are recognized as experts on national and international level.

We work closely with colleagues from various psychiatric specialties that we refer to the patient in the event that we are unable to resolve the case in the outpatient clinic.

Meet your doctors

Tamara Voskresensky Baričić, prim. Dr. sc. - specialist in pediatrics, allergology and clinical immunology subspecialist
  • The study of medicine at the Medical faculty of University in Zagreb and Zurich
  • Fellowship in Medical genetics at MF University of Zagreb
  • Researcher at Medical faculty University in Zagreb in the Department of Pediatrics KBC Salata
  • Thesis “Prognostičko značenje kariotipa leukemičnih blasta u akutnih leukemija djece”, University of Zagreb
  • Specialty Pediatrics Clinic Pediatrics KBC Salata
  • Departmental physician of the Department pulmologiju, Allergology and clinical immunology Clinic of Pediatrics Salata 1998.-2005.
  • Departmental physician of the Department pulmologiju, Allergology and clinical immunology Clinic of children's diseases Klaićeva 2005. - 2012 I. g.
  • Subspecialisation of alergologije and clinical imunologije 2006.-2008.g.
  • Doctoral thesis “Značenje specifičnih IgE protutijela na komponente alergena hrane biljnog podrijetla u kliničkoj dijagnostici djece senzibilizirane na peludi” Medical faculty University in Rijeka 2012.g.
  • Teacher postdiplomskom research Clinical Pediatrics, Perinatology, Medical faculty of University in Zagreb
  • Active participation in professional symposia in the country and abroad
  • More published in professional and scientific papers in national and international journals
  • Member of the Croatian pedijatrijskog society and a member of the Board of Directors of the HUD-a 2012.-2016.g.
  • A member of the IO Sections of pediatric Allergy and clinical immunology HUD-and
  • Member of the Croatian Catholic medical society
  • Member of the European society of Allergology and clinical immunology (EAACI)


Markov Duška Glavaš, prim. Dr. mr. sc. specialist in otorhinolaryngology


  • Faculty of Medicine, University of Zagreb
  • Erlangen-Ultrasound of head and neck, 1995
  • Berlin-Laser in ENT, 1999.
  • Cologne-Surgery of facial nerve and parotid gland, 2000.2001
  • Paris – Endoscopy Days, 2006. IX th ESPO
  • Pitsburg, The Second International Congress on Salivary Gland Diseases, 2007
  • Hamburg, HNO Klinik Eppendorf, 2008.
  • Geneva, European Sialoendoscopy Training Centre, 2012

Membership in professional societies

  • Croatian Society of Clinal Cytology
  • Croatian Society of Otorhinolaryngology
  • European Society of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology
  • Interamerican Association of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology

Prim. Markov Glavaš is the head of Children's Department of the Clinic for otorhinolaryngology KBC Rebro and is the author of numerous professional articles published in national and international journals.